The best way of preventing from Avian Influenza is to use the system of early detection: bird monitoring, study and search for ways and solutions of the problem.

This website was mainly created in order to throw light on the works and researches carried out by the Center of Bird Monitoring in Krasnoyarsk State University. However, the range of current problems( as it usually happens in ornithology) is far more wider than we expected.

On our website, equally with the professional-featured information you can also find some facts of fauna discoveries, observations that can be useful for amateurs and for those who just take interest in the birds of Yenisey Region and in recent ornithology researches. Our outcomes are always first-hand, because our observation group spend most of the time in expeditions and it is they who are involved in the process of collecting and renewal data concerning birds of the region.

It's difficult to imagine the present-day researcher without digital photo-videocamera, with the help of which you can not only reproduce, confirm the documentary find, but also to share the information and impressions with the colleagues.

The main research tendencies:

  • Carrying out fundamental and supplementary researches that are directed to rational utilization of migratory species:
  • Study and analysis of the dynamics concerning the rate of various infected sinanthrop and anthropurtistic sources.
  • Drawing up the schemes of location of threatening objects with indicating the flyways , concentration areas and stops of the birds that are dangerous in epidemic and epizootiologic aspects. This schemes are based on decoding space photos, on visual-optic observations and satellite system of birds movement examination.
  • Encouragement of the contacts between main partners, including international collaboration in this field in order to provide the methods and ways of operative determination and to inform public about possible avian flu outbreaks and preventing procedures.
  • Organizing the innovative info-analytic system of birds monitoring in order to take all necessary management decisions focused on reduction of the environment damage and economic loss.