CBM information

1. Common regulations

1.1. The Center of bird monitoring in Krasnoyarsk State University ( CBM) is a structural division of the university.

1.2. The main objects of the CBM KSU are: to carry out out fundamental and supplementary researches directed to rational utilization of migratory species; to reduce the scale of environment damage and to lessen the risk of the sate of emergency in the process of spreading arbovirus infections within the Yenisey-side territory in Siberia.

1.3. The main tasks of CBM KSU are:

  • To evaluate and predict the ornithology situation within the Yenisey-side territory in Siberia.
  • To determine the zone and to monitor the region territory in order to find out the possible cases of bird infection, caused by arbovirus and parasit diseases.
  • To study and analyze the dynamic concerning the rate of infected anthropopurtistic and sinanthrop sources
  • To characterize all aspects of bird migration
  • To draw up the schemes of location of threatening objects with indicating the flyways , concentration areas and stops of the birds that are dangerous in epidemic and epizootiologic aspects. This schemes are based on decoding space photos, on visual-optic observations and satellite system of birds movement examination
  • To devise the appropriate system of defining the time period and all necessary procedures , that is connected with the risk of contagious infections, caused by migratory birds.
  • To encourage the contacts between main partners, including international collaboration in this field in order to provide the methods and ways of operative determination and to inform public about possible arbovirus outbreaks and preventing procedures
  • To educate public and to give consultations while planing team building activities of the region
  • To Organize the innovative info-analytic system of birds monitoring in order to take all necessary management decisions focused on reduction of the environment damage and economic loss.

1.4. Science-research, innovation and consultation activities of CBM in KSU, that are noted in the university Statutes.

2. Structure and management of CBM in KSU

2.1. The management organs of CBM are science-research committee, supervisor of studies and the director of CBM.

2.2. The collective organ of management is the science-research committee that works out plans of the Center development.

2.3.The Committee membership is established by the rector in co-ordination with the supervisor ant the chief pro-rector of science-research work.

2.4. The direct management of CBM is conducted by the supervisor of studies and the director of the center. The director of the center is set by the rector in co-ordination with the supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for subject-matter and scientific research results, the director is in charge of organization and fulfillment of the CBM duties. The director acts according to the supervisor and Committee decision.

2.5. The supervisor of the studies and the director set annual and quarterly plans for science-research and other activities according to the trends of the Center research works . This plan is set according to the agreements and decisions of coordination committee.

2.6. The structure subdivisions of CBM are: laboratories, divisions and production centers that are settled in order to reach the objects of CBM.

2.7. The logistical base on initial stage of CBM organization is presented by laboratories of the zoo museum and specially-equipped auditoriums of the biological department in KSU.

3. Financial and economic activities of CBM in KSU.

3.1. The financial base is formed by:

  • Funds from organizations and companies received in order to carry out all research works according to the agreement.
  • Funds from science institutions
  • Funds from innovative projects organizations
  • Charity and volunteer funds from natural and juridical people, including foreign sponsors
  • Other legal funds

3.2. CBM can also carry out fundamental, search and applied researches (financed by interested parties) to produce science products and technical equipment.

3.3. CBM itself determines the appropriate finance utilization of the funds received for carrying out scientific and technical researches.